Testimonial 7

“I had served in Iraq during the initial occupation from 2003 to 2004. When I came home, both my team and myself began to notice some obvious residual trauma. After a short time my team leader decided to send me to the doctors on our base. It was determined that I had PTSD, which I denied initially. Time went on and my condition got progressively worse, and I ended up getting institutionalized for the protection of myself and others. This is when I finally accepted the severity of my

Through the years I have been through every possible treatment for PTSD that the VA offers but with little success noted. Thus, I began to seek treatment in the civilian sector with my own money. I have seen more doctors and therapists than I can remember to include the various forms of treatment attempted. And then I found Restore Behavioral Health and their Neurofeedback Program. I did my research and decided to give it a try. I have to say WITH OUT A DOUBT the neurofeedback program combined with EMDR therapy has proven to be the MOST EFFECTIVE treatment program that I have ever encountered. The program is not easy and requires dedication, but it has proven to be worth every challenge. This program has changed my life and while the fight is not over Neurofeedback has impacted my life and has made it much easier to function within both relationships and society. I cannot stress enough how truly effective this program is. If you have PTSD and it is impacting your life and relationships then you need to get serious about treatment. The problems and issues will not simply go away no matter how far you try to run away from it.

Please take it from me. I’ve” been there and done that” and this program of Neurofeedback is by far the most effective means in which to target and treat PTSD that I’ve ever tried… and I’ve tried them all. Neurofeedback + EMDR therapy = RESULTS

You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and fallen brothers to live a fulfilling and functional life. Make the investment in yourself, and you will be forever grateful that you made the effort.”