PTSD and Depression

February 2017. “The bad dreams have nearly ceased. They still occur, but less often and with less effect on me. I feel lighter, happier maybe. I’ve been able to reconnect with God and my parents and some of my extended family as well, which has all been very positive for me. My guilt and shame that I’ve carried from my past life is but a remnant of what it was, only serving me now in a positive way as if to remind me only that they happened, not as identifiers of who I am. Humility has become one of my watchwords and in practice, it has allowed me to be true to myself and admit I am human, fallible, and not necessarily as brilliant as I’d thought myself to be. Something, maybe one or all of the things, the treatments, the therapy, the pharmaceuticals, faith, family, a new relationship with a wonderful woman. Somehow, I have found myself, and I am growing into me. No longer is my imagination conjuring a dismal future or a bleak existence alone and dark. No longer do I feel so much hate and anger and desperation. As odd as it sounds, it wholeheartedly feels as though I’ve receded from the extreme thresholds I once kept in all aspects of my life which I presume has allowed for the resurgence of what just might be my personality, the real me.”