RBH offers innovative therapeutic solutions for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly seeking to optimize their functioning. Our therapy goals are based on improving emotional well-being and enhancing cognitive and behavioral self-regulation. RBH provides a number of different modalities of therapy to try to assist patients and their family members in reducing symptom severity, frequency, and duration.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Restore Behavioral Health offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a treatment for depression, obsessive rumination, anxiety, and behavioral disorders to assist in reducing irrational thoughts contributing to emotional distress. Research has shown that patterns of negative automatic thoughts contribute to emotional distress and dysfunctional behavioral choices and relational patterns. Cognitive restructuring to replace unhealthy cognitive patterns can prove helpful in improving positive self-commentary and outlook, opening the door for improved mood and relational functioning. RBH provides cognitive behavioral psychotherapy in order to assist the patient and restructuring their state of mind to shift away from automatic negative thoughts toward more adaptive positive mind state. Often with depression, exercise there is a tendency to internalize negative self critical commentary. With therapy is very helpful and restructuring these irrational thoughts so that the patient is liberated to achieve his or her full potential. In many cases of anxiety, the brain tends to resort to obsessive rumination and catastrophic thinking. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps to rewire the brain through restructuring cognition. As the brain gets used to a more positive and mindful approach, then new foundations for a healthier self concept and relational style toward others can be developed.
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Child And Adolescent Therapy

In working with children and adolescents, RBH believe that it is paramount to address the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive areas in which the child may be struggling. Often in the case of childhood behavioral disorders, there is a significant amount of hyperactivity, impulse tivity, or aggression. Disruptive behavior often gets the attention of teachers in the classroom, and defiance at home creates frustration within the family system. Other children struggle with low self-esteem, sadness, and anxiety. Many childhood disorders are complicated by developmental delays stemming from birth trauma and or chronic developmental disorders. Genetic vulnerabilities within family systems are evaluated to ensure supportive treatment for all areas needing attention. Therapies directed to help improve the child's sense of self concept and self esteem while also helping the child to develop improved self-regulation over mood and behavior. Therapy additionally often includes family interventions to assist in improving the consistency of parenting. When children receive inconsistent messages from parents, or if there are dysfunctional dynamics within the family system or home environment, then the child’s behavior often becomes more disruptive. RBH clinicians additionally work to help improve the family system so that communication and conflict resolution at all levels of the family system are healthy. Therapy is designed to help the child develop effective affective identification and expression as s/he works toward improved behavior modification.

Family Systems Therapy

RBH believes that many issues are best addressed within the context of improving the family system. Often patterns of communication difficulties or poor conflict resolution strategies complicate presenting symptoms for an individual within the family. Many families today are facing significant stress, with numerous obligations and activities. Juggling responsibilities of both work and family life, many parents are stretched too thin. Time within the family is often limited to time in the car, going to school or sports activities, or doing homework. RBH Family Systems Therapy works to help restore a healthy balance within the family in which all members are able to support and empathize with one another. Parenting strategies are offered to optimize communication, discipline, behavior modification, and expressions of love and support. Family Therapy is also ideal to help solve marital conflict and tension within a family system.

Adult Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is designed to assist patients in addressing the psychological issues which are impacting them. Many patients struggle with high levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma are quite prevalent. Relational difficulties often stem from unresolved issues from the past. Adult psychotherapy often includes effective coping and stress management techniques to assess people who are juggling work and family responsibilities. RBH also offers family and marital therapy to adults who strive to improve the quality of their significant relationships with others. Improving the family system dynamics and reducing unhealthy conflicts can have a significant improvement on individual presenting symptoms.

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Health And Behavior Interventions

RBH therapy additionally offers effective mind- body strategies to optimize health and well-being for patients dealing with chronic medical difficulties. Research has shown that many psychological factors can impede upon our overall physical health and wellness. Symptoms of insomnia, headache, hypertension, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers and gastrointestinal distress, migraines, asthma, and coronary heart disease have all been linked to stress. As we help improve a healthy mind-body connection, we minimize the psychological factors exacerbating medical conditions. Patients who address the cognitive, emotional, behavioral and interpersonal factors contributing to their medical condition often find that they are more successful in meeting their wellness goals. This holistic mind-body approach is critical for ensuring optimal psychological and physical well-being.

Group Therapy

RBH offers a number of different group therapies to try to assist patients in improving the interpersonal aspects have their presenting symptoms. These groups are designed to improve respect and empathy for others while simultaneously ensuring that healthy relational boundaries are maintained.
  • For children and adolescents, RBH offers a Child and Adolescent Social Skills group to help improve social self-concept, assertiveness, social competence, respect for personal space and boundaries, and healthy conflict resolution. RBH also offers a specialized Social Skills group for Children and Adolescents with Asperger’s Disorder.
  • Additionally, RBH offers Parent Training Classes to assist parents with improving effective communication and consistent discipline practices, understanding the meanings of childhood behavior, and supporting their child's progress toward healthy psychological function through maintaining a safe, stable, nurturing, loving, and supportive home environment.
  • In addition, RBH offers a PTSD Psychoeducational Class as well as a Women's Trauma Support Group to help trauma victims understand the signs and symptoms of PTSD and the strategies to begin to help release them from the paralyzing grips of trauma.

EMDR Therapy

One of the trauma –informed therapies offered at Restore Behavioral Health is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR. EMDR has been shown in clinical research studies to significantly aid in the successful resolution of past trauma. Trauma shatters self-concept and sense of safety, often leaving the victim in a state of “fight, flight, or freeze”. EMDR helps the brain to reprocess the traumatic events in a way that integrates fragments of traumatic perceptions and memories so that meaning and healing can be established. The active process of engaging the brain in bilateral activation through eye movements or tactile stimulation while simultaneously reprocessing the trauma allows the brain to safely move from the past to the present with a more positive and objective analysis of self. This provides a new perspective for the mind and body as it seeks to move forward.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

RBH offers Dialectical Behavior Therapy to assist patients in healing the shattered self concept that accompanies many cases of personality disorders. Trauma disrupts the formation of healthy and positive self-concept and approach toward others. This structured therapy results provides many helpful tools for shifting interpersonal functioning toward a more adaptive state. Issues of trust, anger, and dependency are able to improve as past issues of connected trauma are resolved.