Educational Consultation Services

Educational Consultation Services

RBH appreciates the difficulties that parents can face in understanding and navigating the world of academic accommodations for their child in the school setting. The process can be overwhelming. There are a sea of acronyms, emotions to reconcile, and/or perhaps some perceived barriers to initiating services.  It can be helpful to have a consultant to provide not only a big picture perspective, but also to assist families in working collaboratively with all of the professionals who are currently or will be serving their child.

kids in schoolRBH offers Educational Consultation Services to assist in this process.  Staci Johnson, LPC, who has over 20 years of experience in working in schools, currently serves as our RBH Educational Consultant who is available to help you coordinate an academic accommodation plan with your child’s school.  Staci can discuss your child’s psychological testing results with your child’s school counselor to assist in identifying which services your child might need.  She can additionally meet with you face-to-face to discuss your child’s academic needs and the accommodations that would best optimize your child’s academic success in school.

An Educational Consultation can help you answer the following questions:

  • “My child received a diagnosis…now what?”  Where do I start?”
  • What are accommodations? What are modifications?
  • What academic accommodation services would be best for my child?
  • How do I get these services started in the school?
  • What is a 504 plan?
  • What services fall under Special Education Services within the public school district?
  • What is an ARD meeting and how do I schedule one?
  • How often do we review the accommodations plan with the school?
  • What role does the school counselor play in overseeing the academic accommodations for my child?
  • Which diagnoses qualify my child for academic accommodation services?
  • Can speech and occupational therapy be provided in the school?
  • What about ABA services?
  • What types of modifications in the classroom can my child expect?
  • How will we know if these academic accommodations are helping our child?
  • What is the difference between Inclusion and Resource?


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